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5 tips for keeping kids occupied during holiday break

To a child, the two most exciting words in the English language might just be “summer break.” A close second? “Christmas holidays.” In both cases, kids enjoy a respite from the typical homework, after-school sports and extracurriculars. But at some point during all this time off, they’re likely to grow restless without some kind of structure. That’s why we reached out to Tiany Davis, the mom behind Baton Rouge Family Fun, who knows just how hard it can be to keep kids occupied during the holiday break.

Below, she’s shared her top five tips for keeping your little ones occupied during bouts of boredom:

1. Involve the kids in the last-minute holiday preparations.
Let the kids make name cards, write cards, prepare the table, create crafts for guests, help with meals, or bake and wrap gifts for siblings or friends.

2. Go on a scavenger hunt.
You can make a scavenger hunt as elaborate or simple as you like, and you can go on a new one each day. Think: a trip to the park or a walk in the neighborhood for a nature-themed scavenger hunt. Or print out a free Christmas Lights Scavenger Hunt on

3. Revisit Baton Rouge.
We often forget about the many local gems in our hometown. On my website, I’ve curated a list of “30 Things to Do with Kids in Baton Rouge,” a great collection of ideas to help create a family-friendly itinerary for everyone to enjoy.

4. Throw a low-key holiday party.
And let your kids be the hosts. They can plan out the party, make the decorations, prepare simple foods, choose a holiday movie to watch, have a party craft or make up a holiday-themed game to play. The party possibilities are endless. 

5. Give back.
Are you worried about the true meaning of Christmas getting lost on your kids? Help them remember the reason for the season by doing something fun or kind for others. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate; home-baked goods or a handwritten card for neighbors or your local fire station are a great start. In addition, the kids can put together a few RACK gifts (Random Acts of Christmas Kindness) to be left around town as you run your errands.