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What’s in your fridge? EatFit dietitians reveal what they stock up on for easy meal planning

Especially in a food-loving state like Louisiana, it’s important to think about our meals in the same way we think about our health and wellness. Unfortunately, with so much processed food staring lovingly at us from store shelves, that’s not always easy. To glean inspiration for more wholesome meals and healthy eating tips, we spoke Savanna Latimer and Molly Kimball from the EatFitBR team. Read on to learn how these women in wellness plan and prepare their own go-to meals and snacks.

Savanna Latimer, RDN Eat Fit BR Registered Dietitian

Savanna Latimer

“I usually go to the grocery story anywhere from one to two times a week, and I do have at least two dinners picked out,” says Latimer. “I always double the recipes so I can have it two nights in a row. I’m thankful my husband doesn’t mind eating the same thing two days in a row.”

Beyond Burgers remain a staple in Latimer’s fridge. “If I don’t have time to make dinner, I can have that in 15 minutes,” she explains. “That’s something you can always find in my fridge, along with Trader Joe’s cauliflower thins and sweet potato fries.”

Breakfast: “I am a repeater. I have the same thing everyday. I always have the Kodiak Cakes power waffles in my freezer. I have two in the morning with almond butter and fresh berries–usually strawberries or blueberries.”

Lunch: “Right now I’m on a huge chicken salad kick. I’ll buy a tub or two at the beginning of the week and have that on whole wheat bread with a side of raw veggies. If I want to change it up, I’ll probably go for a salad with chickpeas and quinoa. I go back and forth between lunches.”

Dinner: “I really like Crockpot soups, and I have been doing those a lot lately. I teach classes at Evolve, so if I’m at the studio that night, I’ll put something in the Crockpot when I go home for lunch. I also love spaghetti, so I’ll do turkey meatballs with zoodles or Banza pasta.”

Snacks: “I have Greek yogurt every day with berries and granola, so if you look in my fridge right now, I have six to hold me over for the week. I always have Greek yogurt, but if I want something else, I will have a Perfect Bar.”

Dessert: “I have such a sweet tooth, so I always have something for dessert. I find that it’s best if I have something that is individually wrapped or in a single serving size instead of a tub of ice cream. I love Trader Joe’s “Hold the Cone” mini ice creams and almond butter cups.”

Molly Kimball, RD, CSSD Nutrition Program Manager, Ochsner Fitness Center Eat Fit NOLA Founder

Molly Kimball 

“I go to the grocery often,” says Kimball. “I do weekly TV segments and podcasts on various nutritional topics, so I’m always in a bunch of different stores looking at products, seeing what’s new or comparing different brands.”

Morning pick-me-up: Kimball starts every day with a blend of apple cider vinegar and fresh ginger juice diluted with hot herbal tea. She also enjoys espresso-style coffee every morning with a splash of half-and-half and no sweetener. “We can have a cup of coffee and feel good about it,” says Kimball. “It’s when we have too much of it or put a bunch of sugar in it that it becomes a problem.”

Lunch: “If I’m working from home, I’ll cook a piece of fish with a lower-sodium Creole seasoning in a cast-iron skillet. If I know that I’ll be on the go, I make a batch of tuna salad or salmon salad in advance, using 2% Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise. I like to use red and yellow peppers and jicama sticks for dipping.”

Dinner: “Dinner is where we have the most variety. My husband and I are sometimes getting takeout and sometimes we are cooking. If we’re cooking, it’s usually some kind of lean protein and vegetables. We typically do fresh Gulf fish, but for variety we will rotate in Gulf shrimp or chicken—my preference is boneless skinless thighs, versus chicken breast.”

Snacks: “During the day I like to halve an avocado and drizzle chile-infused olive oil to spice it up or just use chile powder and a little bit of salt and pepper. I also love to roast macadamia nuts with a little bit of olive oil spray, a sprinkle of fresh-ground sea salt and a touch of Swerve.”

Dessert: “I am so much more of a savory person than a sweet person, but I love to make the zero-sugar salted dark chocolate peanut butter cups from our EatFit cookbook. They’re super simple: cocoa powder, coconut oil and peanut butter, but I typically use almond butter instead. They’re sweetened with Swerve, which is a plant-based zero calorie sweetener that’s based in New Orleans.”