Photo by Jenn Ocken.

#TakeoutTuesday: Rouj Creole’s Lobster Tagliatelle

With two potential hurricanes this week making even local travel seem precarious, there’s no better time to hunker down and enjoy some takeout. Louisianians are born and bred for times like these, so we vote weathering the storms in true Louisiana fashion with some Creole cuisine—Rouj Creole’s Lobster Tagliatelle. With a 5-oz. Bahamian lobster tail paired with squid ink pasta and a smoky, Calabrian chile cream sauce, this dish has no shortage of cultural flair and flavor.

Opened in 2019, Rouj Creole has presented plenty more mouth-watering dishes—just don’t expect the ordinary Creole recipes you grew up eating at Grandma’s house. Chefs Rory Wingett and Tyler Guelfo explore flavors that combine ingredients and techniques from the cuisines of Italy, Africa and the West Indies, among others. Luckily, it’s just one of the resources making waiting out the rest of 2020 more of an adventure and less of a chore.