Sommelier: LAB Branco

What’s more friendly than a white Labrador? LAB Branco White Wine! Citrine in color with aromas of lime blossoms on the nose, LAB delivers delightful ripe honeydew melon flavor up front finishing with spicy Meyer lemon and Valencia orange zest.

Creating a delightfully different taste with a QPR that can’t be beat, this bright white blend includes arinto, Portugal’s finest white grape, and loureiro, Portugal’s answer to riesling. Spiked with a citrus punch from the trajadura blending grape, LAB is crafted exclusively with Portuguese grapes unknown to the American market. Casa Santos Lima Winery winemakers have crafted this gentle food-friendly white wine that has international appeal. When times permit, you can take a horse and carriage ride through the winery located way north of Lisbon. Until then, consider this wine a gold medal winner at bargain basement prices.

Thanks to Saskia Spanhoff, you can find LAB available BTG at her Cocha Restaurant, where it pairs well with the perfectly prepared salmon. Color this light white as crisp as sauvignon blanc, as round as chardonnay and as approachable as a puppy.