Photos courtesy Red Stick Spice Company.

Created for women by women: Red Stick Spice Company’s Wellness Tea

Anne Milneck is creator and founder of Red Stick Spice Company and personally masterminded the mixture for the store’s Wellness Tea.

February: none other than an extremely confusing limbo period that transitions us from winter to spring. On most days, it may feel like the polar vortex drifted down south, while on other days the humidity has us rolling up our sleeves and blasting the air conditioning. The constant temperature changes bring with them not just confused wardrobe choices, but also a slew of health concerns due to weakened immune systems. And while drugstores offer countless remedies, one quick and satisfying solution is Red Stick Spice Company’s Wellness Tea. A one-of-a-kind combination of flowers, seeds and herbs, this botanical blend claims to offer health benefits especially for women.

The Wellness Tea.

“I was inspired to create the blend after I got specific requests from customers to help with the bloat and pain experienced before and during menstrual cycles,” explains Milneck, the owner and creative mind behind the local store. “The blend helps with the inflammatory response before and during a woman’s monthly cycle. It is also helpful for general swelling and pain for anyone at any time of the month.”

And this mixture isn’t anything like cough syrup. Milneck says the blend offers a sweet aroma similar to cake, thanks to ingredients like roses, lavender, hibiscus, green rooibos, chrysanthemum and shatavari. In addition, the blend is easy to re-steep, with Milneck noting that she often gets at least 12 cups from just one ounce.

“It’s a beautiful cup from start to finish,” says Milneck. “I love that it’s targeted toward wellness with a side-gig as dessert in a cup.”

Milneck and her team at Red Stick Spice Company offer a variety of other teas geared at wellness. From insomnia to muscle aches to allergies, the loose tea blends aim to target specific problems, while not sacrificing taste. View the entire list of teas here.

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