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Get your veggies in with these meatless menu items from BR restaurants

As the trend toward health consciousness grows nationwide and across Baton Rouge, so does the number of people switching to meatless diets. And no, we don’t mean the typical Louisiana definition of “no meat,” which happens to include all of our delicious seafood (nice try). We’re talking the real deal—vegetarian, vegan, plant-based.

Going meat-free doesn’t doom you to a lifetime of salads, however, especially in the Capital City. Several local restaurants have started offering vegetarian and even vegan-friendly dishes that, according to our rumbling bellies, look quite tasty. Step aside, salad: we’ve rounded up mouth-watering meatless dishes at Baton Rouge restaurants that even a carnivore wouldn’t deny.


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See what we mean? Not only does this Indian Fenugreek Yellow Curry from Cocha look absolutely delicious, but it also doubles as a work of art.


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A step up from the salty, packaged instant noodles from your college dorm room, the Vegan Shoyu ramen from Boru is authentic and meat-free.


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A barbecue special for vegans? Who would’ve thought. This ingenious BBQ wrap creation is from none other than plant-based MJ’s Café.


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If we trust anyone to make a carrot taco, it’s Gov’t Taco (ahem, winner of 225’s Best New Restaurant and Best Tacos at a Local Restaurant for 2021). Their Magna Carrot taco is a fan favorite for vegetarians and meat lovers alike.


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Rocca Pizzeria said it best when captioning this photo: “Summer time calls for summer squash.” Not to mention tahini, arugula and crispy chickpeas, all of which complete their new seasonal special.


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Seriously, what is with these meatless dishes being so pretty? Maybe we’re just keen on edible flowers. This brand new addition to Thaihey Thaifood’s vegan menu is called Khao Haw Bi Baw—a fried rice dish with plenty of veggies and served in a lotus leaf.

Veggie lovers need their fried food fix too. Eliza’s Fried Eggplant Napoleon, complete with local Creole tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, is sure to hit the spot.

This mountain of veggie goodness is a frequent special at The Overpass Merchant. Be sure to keep up with their Instagram to catch their Zuch N’ Squash Noodle Bowl while you can!

Want to know more about vegetarian and vegan offerings in Baton Rouge? Check out this story from the March 2020 issue of inRegister.