Photos by Aimee Broussard.

In the kitchen: Muffuletta Stuffed Deviled Eggs

You know a dish has made it into the Southern cook’s lexicon of appetizer necessities when you can buy a special tray made specifically for serving it. Enter: the deviled egg. A mainstay of pre-Christmas dinners, baby showers and brunches, the humble egg has long been a versatile member of party apps for any occasion, and this time, Aimee Broussard takes it to its Cajun peak. A few olives, some salami, and provolone cheese transform this recipe into a hearty bite any protein lover would enjoy, party time or no.


12 large eggs
¼ cup mayonnaise
5 Tbsp. Italian olive salad, drained
½ cup (about 4 oz.) diced salami
4 oz. provolone cheese, diced
¼ cup grated Parmesan cheese
Boil eggs according to preference. Allow to cool, and peel under cold running water. Rather than slicing eggs in half, slice a tiny bit off the bottom of each egg to allow it to sit upright, then cut off top of egg. Carefully remove yolk.
Mash yolks with a fork in a bowl. Stir in mayonnaise, olive salad, salami and both cheeses. Add mixture to a large Ziploc bag and snip the end (creating a piping bag). Fill each egg. Serve immediately or chill for up to 24 hours.
Makes 6 servings.