Words from the wise

Take it from those who’ve been there. These five area brides reveal their favorite wedding gift, what moment they won’t soon forget, and more.


Sydney Banks“An unforgettable moment for me was when my husband played guitar and sang Me and You by Kenny Chesney at our reception.
” -Sydney Walters



Angel Crocram

“Weddings are expensive! However ensure that you enjoy the day and that your marriage is more beautiful than your wedding.” -Angel Higginbottom Crocram



Meagan Woodard“My favorite wedding gift was from my mom. She gave me her mother’s engagement ring which she wore everyday. I’ve always treasured and loved my grandmother’s ring, and it was such a special gift. It was my “something old” for my wedding day (pictured above).” -Meagan Messina Woodard



Amanda Hodgins 1“Our groomsman gifts were personalized Marucci baseball bats in the guy’s school colors engraved with their names and a special note that read: Thanks and Geaux Tigers! Scott and Amanda 1.24.15. Also, all the details you stress over, you won’t even notice on the wedding day. I have no idea if there were candles in the windowsills, which was a must on my list.” -Amanda Hodgins


Amy Graham Hughes

“My favorite wedding gift was the classic Kitchen Aid mixer! Every time I look at it I am reminded of such an amazing period in my life. It is just such a traditional and classic gift.”  -Amy Graham Hughes