Photos by Carolynn Seibert.

Why wait: More local couples who tied the knot during the pandemic

Last month, we featured a few local couples who carried on with socially distanced wedding ceremonies amid COVID-19 restrictions. With so many more newlyweds to celebrate, we opted to once again replace our monthly community events section with the nuptials of brides and grooms from Baton Rouge who wouldn’t let the pandemic stifle their love.

“Ryan and I have known each other since we were in fifth grade,” says Mackenzie Gremillion May, whose big day is featured here. “What matters is the marriage, not all the other stuff. We knew we still wanted to go forward with our plans.”

Mackenzie and Ryan tied the knot in their family living room on May 16. And while the celebration could only accommodate close family, Mackenzie says this led to unexpected positives like the opportunity to use her great-grandmother’s china.

“I still had all of the things that were most important to me like good food and great flowers, thanks to Angela Marie Events,” she says. “It ended up being exactly what we wanted; we just didn’t know it beforehand.”

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