Photos by Emily Green Photo.

W.O.W.: Jessica Moran & Brian Hightower

Wedding of the Week:

March 20

“The decision to go forward with the wedding or to delay it came down to two main questions. First, if we delayed it, when would we be able to get married the way we designed it? And second, what should take priority: the party or the marriage?” explains Jessica. “Not knowing what the future would hold, coupled with our desire to begin our married life together, drove us to make what we feel now was absolutely the right decision. We were able to celebrate our marriage with our family.”

Photography: Emily Green Photo

Coordinator: KBCook Weddings

Venue: Home of David and Emily Beach

Cake: The Ambrosia Bakery

Florist: The Plantation Florist

Dress: Gabrielle’s The Classic Bride Salon

Hair: Lindsay Terrell

Makeup: Abby Manuel Makeup

Entertainment: Chris Hochkeppel/ Anton Zholondz