Hornsby-Pecue wedding/Emily Green Photo

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The Other First Look

Your leading ladies won’t let you down when you surprise them in your gown.

Demand-Sukharutski wedding/Collin Richie Photography

Follow the Leader

Using a long ribbon of tulle to keep the littlest members of the wedding party from going astray is kinda genius, not to mention adorable. 

Hornsby-Pecue wedding/Emily Green Photo

Let Them Eat Cupcakes

In a pandemic, pickup foods are preferred, so why not go with a combination of a traditional wedding cake on top and tiers of dainty cupcakes below?

Bond-Alford wedding/Maple Street Bakery/Thompson Photography

Message on a Bottle

We’d like to raise a glass to the now-popular notion of having your bottle of bubbles handpainted as a lifelong keepsake. Cheers!

Anders-Moore wedding/Art by Laura Welch Taylor/Ashleigh Jayne Photography