Photo from the Johnson-Betz wedding. Photo by Geauxgarcia Photography.

Just Kidding Around: Our go-to tips for flower girls and ring bearers

A wedding ceremony just wouldn’t be complete without a toddler picking his nose as he stumbles down the aisle or a little girl bashfully forgetting to toss any of the petals from her basket. It’s the mishaps that make these moments memorable. However, just because perfection isn’t the goal doesn’t mean brides shouldn’t plan for it. From the outfits to how they’ll make their way down the aisle, there’s so much to consider. Here’s our simplified guide to the pint-sized members of the wedding party.

Color is Key

According to Bella Bridesmaids Baton Rouge manager Morgan Sing, the biggest thing to consider with flower girl—and ring bearer outfits—is the color in relation to the bride’s dress.

“We love being able to coordinate a bride’s full vision, and this usually includes making sure that the flower girls’ dresses complement the bride’s dress,” she explains. “Most of the flower girl dresses we offer are available in both white and ivory.”

Berrigan-Grote/Brooke Boyd Photo + Film

Safety in Numbers

The best chance at getting children to cooperate? Get them in a group, preferably with one older child who can lead the younger ones. Increase your chances for success by emphasizing to those younger children that the older ones are in charge. Chances are, they will rise to the challenge.

Ride Along

For the youngest of the youngest, a wagon can be the ticket to getting them all the way down the aisle, especially if the ceremony conflicts with their nap schedule.

King-Tupper/Emily Songer Photography

In Bloom

Flower petals don’t have to come from a basket. Put them in a purse and let your flower girls keep the bag as a memento of the day.

Gayle-Berthelot/Ashleigh Jayne Photography

Doggone It

Much like children, dogs are unpredictable. Pairing them together? A bold decision that pays off. Kids and dogs interacting is what wedding picture dreams are made of.

Gonzalez-Galjour/Josie V Photography