Rather than take time away from their wedding, Sarah Beth and Hayden opted to take formal portraits together at the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden a few months after their big day. Sarah Beth says it was a fun opportunity to wear her custom Monique Lhuillier gown from I Do Bridal Couture one more time. Photos by Stephania Campos

Happily Ever After: Sarah Beth Saffell and Hayden Fronterhouse’s romantic Baton Rouge wedding day

“It just felt right,” says Sarah Beth Saffell Fronterhouse about her decision to host her wedding to fiancé Hayden Fronterhouse in her hometown of Baton Rouge.

The pair met in Texas and are residents of Dallas. But, for some reason, Baton Rouge kept calling Sarah Beth home.

She considered booking in Dallas. And then California. But she just couldn’t commit.

“There’s something sentimental about getting married in the town you grew up in,” she says. “Baton Rouge was just right.”

And when you know you know.

Starting with a first date that saw Hayden fly in from Austin to Dallas to take Sarah Beth out for dinner and followed by three months of long-distance dating, Sarah Beth says their relationship progressed in a natural way that, again, “just felt right.” After nine months together, Hayden popped the question to Sarah Beth on February 25, 2023, at Dallas Hunting & Fishing Club.

“The photographer totally missed the moment,” Sarah Beth says with a laugh, recalling the proposal that happened on a cold night around an open fire. “But it was sweet and very low-key.”

“On our wedding day, it turned out to be raining,” Sarah Beth recalls. “The original plan was to have the flowers that made up the arch lining the entry. But with the arch inside the venue space, you could see it all night. It ended up being better than I ever imagined.”

Once Sarah Beth decided on Baton Rouge for their wedding day, she knew Capitol Park Museum was the only venue for her and Hayden. December 16 was one of only two open dates. So Sarah Beth said “yes” to a winter wedding, dashing the dreams she had of summer nuptials in favor of dodging hurricane season. Unwilling to scratch her vision of a colorful wedding day, though, she enlisted the help of August Events.

Event designers Tiffany Pilgrim and Maranda Cardinale searched alongside Sarah Beth for nearly six months to find the perfect metallic chinoiserie wallpaper to be applied to custom-built installations behind both the band and bars.

“The whole color palette came from the wallpaper,” Pilgrim says. “Dusty blues. Whites. Pinks. And we really fought for that metallic finish. We wanted it to really stand out.”

“I always said I wouldn’t get married there because it doesn’t have a center aisle,” Sarah Beth says of First Presbyterian Church, which she attended throughout her childhood. “But then I had someone explain it to me that you walk in on one side and walk out on the other, symbolizing you walking in unmarried and walking out starting a new life together. I was sold after that.” Sarah Beth and her mother had the church change their Christmas decorations for the season, though, swapping out red ribbon for white to better coincide with Sarah Beth’s wedding vision.

From there, Root Floral Design used overflowing floral installations of roses, blue delphinium, hydrangeas and plenty of greenery to transform the “concrete jungle” of the Capitol Park Museum into the romantic, dreamlike vision that Sarah Beth had for her wedding day.

“Sarah Beth had a really strong point of view in the best way,” Pilgrim says. “The result is a wedding that felt really unique, special and personal to her and Hayden.”

Sarah Beth chose photographer Stephania Campos for the unique perspective that she brings to weddings. “She started in fashion photography, and I just loved her portfolio,” Sarah Beth says. “Her images feel feminine and whimsical, and just make you feel like you’re there.”

And after months of planning, that’s what every bride hopes for.

“Wedding planning can be so stressful,” Sarah Beth says. “But in the end, so many things ended up being better than I even imagined they would be. It was the perfect start to our life together.”

Hear from Him & Her

What is your favorite things about one another?

H: My favorite thing about Sarah Beth is her personalty: sweet, loving caring and always positive and fun. And her faith.

SB: My favorite thing about Hayden is his kindness, patience, humility and compassion. I also love his extremely witty sense of humor. And his hair!

How did you know he/she was the one?

H & SB: It was clear from the beginning that we had the same values. Our relationship has always been so lighthearted, fun and easy, but there is also a depth we share with our faith and worldview.

What is one detail that sticks out when you think back on your wedding day?

SB: It’s hard to choose, but the metallic chinoiserie wallpaper that we used in the stage and bar backdrops was my favorite detail. That was the foundation of our design plan and it brought a sense of romance and warmth to the venue. The floral trees were another detail that was part of my vision from the beginning. I love how they broke up the space and drew the eye up.

Some moments, like this special one of the newlyweds enjoying late-night fries and milkshakes, were captured via Polaroid for a vintage look.

Did you disagree on anything during the planning process?

H & SB: There were really no disagreements. We were pretty laid back about the planning process.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to engaged couples?

SB: A great wedding planner can make all the difference and help you stay focused on your vision throughout the processes when there are so many big and small decision to make.

A grand reception needs a grand exit for the bride and groom. The sparkling pyrotechnics got the August Events treatment, though, as each was adorned with flowers to tie them in with the rest of the reception.