Ring in the new year: Unexpected engagement rings take center stage in 2020

A few weeks ago, actress Emma Stone and her SNL writer boyfriend Dave McCary announced their engagement with in the most millennial way possible: a selfie posted to McCary’s Instagram. On Stone’s finger was—somewhat ironically—not a large stone, but instead a pearl surrounded by a few diamonds. The unconventional choice was surprising to many who are used to seeing celebrities’ hands weighted down by more than a few karats. However, one aspect of the ring did fit the A-list standard: it was unique.

Those who attract the flashes of the paparazzi aren’t known for playing it safe. The rich and famous constantly test the boundaries and make the new and out-of-the-box turn conventional. Notably, Princess Diana’s sapphire engagement ring—that was later passed on to Kate Middleton with her engagement to Prince William in 2010—became a phenomenon, with brides today still yearning for the shining blue stone.

“Next to diamonds, sapphires are the most sought after,” notes Scott Berg of Lee Michaels Fine Jewelry. “For that 1 percent that wants something unique, there is so much more you can do, though. I’ve seen emerald cuts turned sideways, pink diamonds, yellow diamonds: the options are endless and we can custom design anything and everything for that person who wants something with a little extra ‘wow’ factor.”

See our picks here for some eye-catching engagement rings that rival the traditional standard.


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