Bouquet by Forage Floral Design. Photo by Alyssa Fisher.

Retro, bright and sustainably sourced are the bridal bouquet trends we have our eye on

As brides prepare for their big day, one of the many details they deliberate is the composition of their bridal bouquet. Because bouquets are completely customizable, the options can seem overwhelming with an endless array of sizes, flowers, colors, greenery and accessories.

Meredith Cooper, owner of Forage Floral Design, says this season’s trends include a return to retro design, smaller sizes, brighter colors and sometimes even sustainable sourcing.

“I’ve noticed a major trend toward the early 2000’s traditional bouquets—round, domed arrangements of mostly roses, peonies and very little greenery,” Cooper explains. “A hint of an accent color is also popular, and right now that color is blue.”


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Brides are also tending to downsize. “Bridal bouquets are getting a smaller size and with more color,” she says. “The bright, happy and lively colors are being requested constantly.”

Cooper’s favorite emerging bouquet trend, though, is the use of locally grown flowers and greenery for bouquets. “Every few months, I’ll get a bride who wants whatever is in season and can be grown by local farmers,” Cooper says. “This allows me to pull some of the most interesting flowers, and it is incredibly supportive in our efforts to be eco-minded and sustainable.”

Moving into this fall’s bridal season and into next spring, these bouquet trends will flourish, taking new forms when married with the unique styles and visions of each bride. To follow along with Forage and Cooper’s creations in the upcoming season, check out the Forage Instagram account here.