Photos by Jeannie Frey Rhodes

Picture this: 15 must-have wedding-day shots

Wedding photography is about much more than simply documenting the events of a couple’s big day. It’s about capturing the emotions that make a wedding special. From the anticipation of a bride getting ready to the pure joy of a groom’s first glimpse at his new wife, photographers are the artists capturing each moment in a way that preserves the feelings felt in them. And while these photographers have seen their fair share of wedding days, each couple is different and each day comes with different traditions, experiences and priorities.

“The best thing that a couple can do is make a list of the things that are going to be happening throughout the day that are important to them,” explains photographer Jeannie Frey Rhodes. “Let me know about any special shots you want and any special people that will be there so I and my team can be sure to capture it all.”

Below is a list of must-have photos to serve as a jumping-off point for these conversations between a couple and photographer. However, while it’s important to have a plan, the best shots are often the ones that happen organically. Focus on the day and the person standing opposite you at the altar, and the photos will convey the love and joy that underlies each moment.

“My favorite photos are the ones where you can tell that the couple has forgotten everyone around them,” says Rhodes. “It’s just about the couple. That’s how it’s supposed to be.”