Paperwhite Collections offers a curated selection of vintage items, such as teapots, cake stands and trays, perfect for table settings. Photo by Rachel Madelyn Photography.

Paperwhite Collections delivers wedding details with lasting power

Who says wedding décor has to be disposable? Recent LSU architecture graduate Madeline Luke is teaming up with her mother Dayna Luke and sister Ashley Luke Scogin to redefine the fussed-over elements as items that can carry over into stylish and cherished pieces of home décor with the new online shop Paperwhite Collections.

From left: Madeline Luke, Dayna Luke and Ashley Luke Scogin. Photo by Rachel Madelyn Photography.

“After planning weddings of our own, we began to realize how much time and effort it took to seek out unique wedding décor and gifts that reflected our individual personalities,” explains Ashley. “The focus of our collection came from a desire to find high-quality, designer elements that could be used to create a vision and appeal to a variety of style preferences.”

Employing over 37 years of design experience, the trio’s online business offers both vintage items like silver teapots, trays and flower girl accessories, as well as a selection of gifts suitable for brides and grooms, wedding parties and hostesses.

“Our design background provides a special opportunity for us to envision products that are not typically associated with the wedding industry,” explains Ashley. “As a family startup, we value things that are lasting. We wanted the items we curated to to be carried on with our consumer long after the party ends and incorporated into home life.”

Read on to learn the mother-daughter team’s tips for incorporating elements that will serve a purpose long after the cake topper has been defrosted:

1. What is your advice for carrying wedding décor into everyday life?

Photo courtesy Paperwhite Collections.

We feel that product quality goes very far in seeing the crossover between the two. Splurge on the items that will last, not on the items you imagine yourself using once. Don’t worry about what social media portrays as the ideal style for your event. If you select products that make you happy and that you identify with, the purchase will be worthwhile and will easily be incorporated into your home. You will always be happy choosing things you love.

2. What are your go-to ideas for wedding gifts, both from guests to the couple as well as from brides to their wedding parties?

Currently, we love to give fun coffee table books that have to do with the celebrated couple as a place for guest sign-ins. Whether the book is about where they are honeymooning or a topic that reflects their personal hobbies, you will know that this keepsake will forever be a part of their home. We also love porcelain flower diffusers. Not only are they beautiful and small and lovely, but they serve as a great hostess, bride or bridal-party gift. For the men out there, we love the practicality of our wooden fish bottle openers and, of course, our dog socks for the groom’s party. That way they can keep their best friend nearby on their special day.

3. Why do you think sentimental and curated details are so essential to weddings? What do they add?

Everyone has a vision of what they want their wedding to be. However, there are so many details that can make the planning process tedious and impersonal. By finding ways to incorporate personal style into your wedding, and choosing items that can be carried on as sentimental keepsakes, you will make the day feel much more like your own. Weddings are all about making memories and sharing your unique love, so we think that the details should help you do just that.

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