Unique looks like these spring styles from Chatta Box Boutique will make the big day memorable for the mother of the bride or groom. Photos courtesy Chatta Box.

Expert advice for show-stopping (but not too show-stopping) mother-of-the-bride attire

Of course, the bride’s dress is supposed to be the show-stopping garment of any wedding day, but who says that her family should fall to the fashion wayside? In fact, for Chatta Box Boutique manager Leah Guillaume, the dress worn by the mother of the betrothed can be just as stunning as her daughter or daughter-in-law’s—the secret is in the execution.

Although not suited to everyone, a simple sheath or mermaid silhouette with trendy puffed sleeves may be just the statement-making dress a mother-of-the-bride is looking to wear for a high-fashion wedding where anything goes. Dress by Greta Constantine.

“Let the bride be the guide,” Guillaume says. “The traditional rules of dressing for weddings are gone. I always tell my clients that if the bride says it’s OK, then it’s OK!”

Still, no one wants to show up looking like they’ve intentionally stolen the spotlight. Nor do they want to look like an average member of the wedding party. And even though the age of Pinterest planning has led us to believe that the rules of color schemes and sheens and textures remain paramount, the reality is much more simple: wear what suits you best.

 “One mistake I see a lot is the mothers putting too much importance on the color they ‘need’ to wear,” says Guillaume. “It’s more important for a mother to wear a color that looks good on her, rather than, for example, just wearing beige to blend in with the bridesmaids. Choose a color that complements you!”

Plus, more and more brides are opting for more free-flowing color schemes anyway. “We are also seeing the mothers and bridal parties sticking to one color and just choosing different shades of the same color,” says Guillaume. “That actually makes for beautiful photographs!”

In the end, though, a timeless silhouette will get you far, and it’s the unique details added to the silhouette that will help you look chic and contemporary. And for Guillaume, this often means simple sheath silhouettes, but with popular trends like dramatic sleeves or flower appliqués along the shoulder.

When in doubt, a second opinion always helps, which is why Guillaume and her team serve not just as salespeople, but as stylists. “We can suggest the right silhouettes for your body type and make sure your dress is tailored to you perfectly with the help of our in-house seamstress,” she says. “Our goal is to make you to feel your absolute best on the big day.”

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