Bride Maci Gauthier Frazier. Photos by Creel & Co.

Lasting Legacy: How one bride kept her family’s wedding dress tradition alive

Maci Gauthier Frazier always adored the wedding dress worn by her grandmother, Evelyn Gauthier, back in 1956 and later by her aunt, Fran Gauthier, in the 1990s. “I remember fawning over the bridal portraits hanging in my grandmother’s house, and I always planned to wear it for my bridal portraits, even after her passing in 2020,” Frazier says.

Although Frazier chose a more modern gown for her wedding day, she notes the importance of honoring and preserving the past, especially when it comes to family. “Who we choose to marry, along with the many decisions leading up to that point, has so much to do with who raised us and instilled the morals and values that we look for in a partner,” she explains.

“You wouldn’t be who you are without them.”