Monte & Myles Morris' wedding in October of 2017. Photo by Caitlin B. Photography.

Introducing the new ‘Ask the wedding expert’ column

As a bride-to-be myself, there is one thing I have realized throughout the planning process: no matter how much you think you know, there is so much more that you don’t. Whether it be narrowing down a guest list, addressing envelopes, vendor minimums, chair types–the list is endless. I found myself enlisting the help of the often-unreliable Internet for some of the most crucial questions pertaining to my big day. The conflicting advice left my head spinning. And while there are no definitive right and wrong answers in wedding planning–it’s all about how you see your big day–I decided I had to do something to shed some light on the relative truth. Thus, the birth of inRegister@Home’s new “Ask the wedding expert” column.

Each week, I will explore a pressing wedding-planning question with a local professional. The best part? I want your advice on what you want answered. Tag @inRegister on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, comment on the articles themselves, or email your questions to [email protected] to let me know what aspects have been causing you to lose sleep. From the specific to the vague, I want to answer it all and create a go-to source for future brides, focusing on local traditions and conventions.

Photo by Ashleigh Jayne Photography.

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