Photos by Renee Lorio Photography.

Going to the chapel: Local couples wed despite pandemic procedures

Three months from her June wedding day, Sarah Catherine LeBlanc Buie’s well-planned timeline was out of the window. Due to COVID-19 closures, it seemed that the details of her big day, which she had been planning for a year and a half, were all but distant, unattainable dreams. Her dress was untailored. Her bridesmaid dress order was cancelled. Her reception venue was too small for social distancing. However, a pandemic doesn’t hold a candle to what can be accomplished by dedicated and loving friends and family.

“My beautiful grandmother Judy came to the rescue and spent the whole month of April and some of May learning and researching how to alter a wedding dress, and I don’t think anyone could have done a better job,” Buie explains. “After getting through that obstacle, we found out the bridesmaid dresses were not going to be delivered due to factory closures. Our absolutely outstanding wedding coordinator Kate Cook found a way to get us the dresses we needed by reaching out to former SJA cross country teammate Annie Peek France, who had used the same dresses three years prior. Her bridesmaids were all so gracious to mail their dresses to me. That truly speaks to the bond that SJA Stickers have!”

After a quick reception venue change to the Country Club of Louisiana, Sarah Catherine and her soon-to-be husband Keenan were back on track. The pair were married at St. Aloysius Catholic Church on their original wedding date, June 19, with an intimate reception following.

“Keenan and I will never forget our wedding day and all the love and support that helped us get there,” Buie says. “It was a reminder that even in the most uncertain of times—when everything is out of our control—the most important thing remains being surrounded by the ones we love most.”

As community events remain scarce, we are continuing to spotlight local couples who have tied the knot during the pandemic. See more socially distanced wedding days here.