Jolie Rentals' Michelle Guthrie and Taylor Quintini brought a citrus-hued bridal shower to life for a bride with a love of the color orange. Florals by Hummingbird Floral Studio. Photo by Brianna Howes.

Creative party ideas for showering brides-to-be

At a time when the sound of wedding bells are ringing … and ringing again to keep up with the twists and turns of COVID scheduling conflicts, many brides-to-be are left with a very different bridal experience than they were likely imagining. When you’re deliberating the forecast of your wedding, for example, it may be difficult to focus on the other enjoyable aspects of an engagement season, like the bridal shower.

Jolie Rentals owners Michelle Guthrie and Taylor Quintini are passionate about keeping the party going. With years in the weddings business under Quintini’s belt (she is also a wedding planner for her company Weddings Taylor Made, doubling her expertise when she purchased Jolie Rentals more than three years ago), she knows that when there’s a will, there’s a way.

Popsicles in the party’s colors, as well as bud vases with vibrant flowers showcased on the mantel, helped pull together the overall look of Quintini and Guthrie’s citrus-themed shower.

“Completely canceling everything isn’t ideal when you can come up with creative ways to celebrate,” says Guthrie, lead designer at Jolie Rentals.

In September, Jolie Rentals crafted a citrus-themed bridal shower with the tagline “She found her main squeeze” for a punny touch. The event featured Jolie Rentals’ champagne wall–a crowd favorite–and natural-flavored popsicles for a pop of color and freshness. “It was the biggest hit,” says Guthrie. “People went crazy over it.”

Although a theme is not required when throwing a bridal shower, it does does make the planning process a bit easier when you have a general concept in mind.

“Make the theme personal to the bride,” says Guthrie. This could be done by incorporating her favorite color, cuisine, television show or anything that is special to the bride. For example, the citrus-themed shower pictured here grew out of the bride’s love for the color orange.

Showers can be easier to plan if you keep with the season you will be having it,” adds Guthrie. An upcoming Jolie Rentals event will feature a bridal shower inspired by the fall season. “We’re bringing whiskey barrels, farmhouse tables, heirloom pumpkins and candles,” says Quintini.

With winter on its way, Guthrie and Quintini suggest ideas like a winter wonderland or a woodsy theme for a bridal shower. If the shower falls around Christmastime and a holiday theme is chosen, Guthrie recommends using unexpected colors so it doesn’t seem like any other holiday party. “Ask guests to bring an ornament to help the bride decorate her Christmas tree,” says Guthrie. 

Spring may be king of the wedding season, and a garden theme would make for an enchanting bridal shower in that season of blossoms and blooms. Guthrie and Quintini suggest the idea of a floral workshop where guests would be able to take home a beautiful arrangement.

To ensure safety protocols are met, Guthrie and Quintini recommend letting each guest know what they can expect before arriving. “You should let them know about the seating arrangements to allow social distancing, if masks will be available, and if you will be wearing one. Additionally, provide them with a guest count so they can decide whether or not they feel comfortable attending.”

Then there’s the food. Guthrie and Quintini suggest offering individual servings for guests to safely enjoy. When they received a call from a client asking for a custom candy bar, Guthrie and Quintini adapted by offering individually wrapped candies alongside a cute hand sanitizer display. “As we’re seeing requests come up, this is something we consider,” says Quintini.

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