Photos by Catherine Guidry Photography

Avery Richardson Deranger’s bridal luncheon brought together friends and family for an afternoon of celebration

Weekend weddings often transform into a bustling whirlwind of activities, leaving little opportunity to pause and savor the moments with cherished friends and family. To kick off Avery Richardson Deranger’s wedding weekend, her mother and grandmother decided a bridal luncheon would be the perfect opportunity to do just that.

Held at the New Orleans Country Club, Deranger says it was a great change of scenery for the whole group, which included her mother, soon-to-be mother-in-law, grandmother, great aunts, old family friends, bridesmaids, and a few of the bridesmaids’ mothers.

“We had a private shuttle with a driver bring us from Baton Rouge and back after the lunch,” she says. “It was so great to have that extra time to talk, drink and laugh with some of my favorite women. We just had the best time on that bus, and it was like an extended party!”

Her mother, Wendy Richardson, and grandmother, Linda Dalton, were responsible for throwing the luncheon, and Deranger’s close bond with Dalton made the party that much more meaningful. “She’s my only living grandparent, and having her alongside me during the wedding planning process just meant so much, especially because she’s very fashion-forward,” Deranger says.

Upon arrival at the New Orleans Country Club, the ladies were directed to the bar next to the luncheon room, where celebratory cocktails awaited them. Having her wedding photographer in attendance allowed for special memories to be captured, like speeches given and genuine conversation happening during the luncheon, as well as staged photos with guests during the cocktail hour.

Cathy Anderson, a harpist who plays at The Ritz Carlton in New Orleans, set the mood with light background music while they ate. After lunch, the bridal party participated in the traditional cake pull, where each girl grabbed a ribbon and pulled out a different charm each with a different meaning, like a wedding ring symbolizing you’re the next to get hitched, meant to wish them good luck in their future endeavors.

Deranger recommends having a girl’s day like this to celebrate the women who have done so much for you throughout the long season of pre-wedding planning and events. “It was all so special to me, and it was something I didn’t have to worry or stress about, which was a welcomed distraction,” she says.

Polly Whitfield, Linda Dalton, bride Avery Richardson Deranger, Wendy Richardson, Catherine Ward and Martha Lanier (from left)


Venue & Catering: New Orleans Country Club

Cake: Gourmet Girls

Harpist: Cathy Anderson

Invitations & Menus: Paper N Things

Florist: Nola Flora