Photo by Eric Garcia.

Ask the wedding expert: GeauxGarcia on bridal portraits and making memories

Eric Garcia. Photo by Lainey Reed Photography.

From the engagement to the walk down the aisle, a wedding journey may span the course of several months, but it can feel like a whirlwind. Every decision seems momentous and, as the big day approaches, stress can overshadow the joy of the moments to come. The key to combatting this, according to Eric Garcia, the photographer behind GeauxGarcia, is making moments for yourself. One of the best ways? Bridal portraits.

“While they are an extra expense usually, I always tell brides how important it is to take moments just for yourself,” he explains. “You spend so much money on the dress, and on the actual wedding day, everything will be so stacked. It really adds to your bridal journey to have those moments by yourself to enjoy your dress and get excited for getting married soon.”

Garcia says the intimate shots are some of his favorite to take. This is often the first time brides see themselves completely put together with hair, makeup and bouquet along with the dress they picked out so many months ago.

“Another reason bridals are great is because they act as a vendor trial for a lot of the brides,” Garcia says. “You have the opportunity to see how your hair and makeup will look, and then make changes if you don’t end up liking it.”

One thing to take into account with your look is the heat that is inevitable both during your bridal session, as well as on your big day, even if neither take place during the summer.

“We’re sweating together,” he says with a laugh. “My number one place to shoot bridals is outside. I love Rosedown Plantation because it is so classic and Southern. But with those locations, you want to remember that you need comfortable shoes and a lot of setting powder.”

In addition, the trial gives brides the opportunity to bond with her photographer, while getting comfortable in her wedding day look.

“Brides almost always start off saying, ‘I’m so awkward,'” Garcia explains, noting that brides should bring along maybe one or two people, but limit the crowd size to avoid extra nerves. “That’s natural. But after I take a few test shots, I let them see how beautiful they look and it’s easier to loosen up. It’s all about laughing your way through and having a good time. It’s an experience you want to remember and enjoy.”

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