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Six reasons why we’re saying yes to winter whites this fall

Once again, Labor Day has passed, which signifies that another summer has come and gone. But don’t start putting on your chunky sweaters just yet, because it seems to have left the heat behind for us for a bit longer, *insert sweltering emoji.* In years past, Labor Day not only served as a marker for the end of the summer social season, but it also meant it was time to put away your whites and trade them in for darker shades and heavier fabrics. However, thanks to climate change and the fact that it doesn’t seem to get below 80 degrees until at least mid- to late October, just the thought of having to wear anything thicker than my Lululemon leggings is making me sweat. So here comes the big question: “Is it okay to still wear white after Labor Day?” And the survey said: *read that in your best Steve Harvey Family Feud voice*

YES! Of course, it’s okay to still wear white after Labor Day. And if you don’t believe me, just take a hint from Coco Chanel, who, gracefully, killed it in white all year long.

Thanks to social media bloggers and influencers, “winter white” has been one of the most well-received trends both online and in fashion, due to its abilities to both look and feel cooler than the darker shades of fall and winter. And although your grandmother might initially call the new look a fashion faux pas, she’ll thank us later, trust me.

So here’s six reasons why we’re going to keep wearing white all year long, as according to some of Instagram’s most influential bloggers:

1. It makes seasonal transitioning easy.

In case you haven’t noticed by now, temperature definitely plays a huge role in just about everything in the South, especially clothing. This multi-textured, all-white outfit is perfect for transitioning into cooler seasons with the sweater, while still beating the heat by pairing it with the star skirt.


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A post shared by Emily Herren (@champagneandchanel) on Aug 7, 2019 at 5:27pm PDT

2. It can be casual and cute.

It can be so hard to dress some colors up and down; however, white makes it easy to do just about anything. This casual look is great for making a Target run or grabbing lunch with friends. Quick tip: Try incorporating white items in fabrics like satin, which elevates the outfit and helps make a distinction between summer and winter looks.

3. It goes with everything.

Sometimes trying to match different shades of the same color can be tricky and look tacky. Be that as it may, when you mix and match different shades of white, like this white tee and off-white blazer, you end up looking effortlessly chic. And not only does white go great with itself, but it also looks fabulous when contrasted with animal print, like this spotted purse.


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A post shared by Kat | Carrie Bradshaw Lied (@kathleen_barnes) on May 19, 2019 at 7:47pm PDT

4. It adds a classic element.

One thing I absolutely love about white is that it makes every ensemble seem classic. A white satin shirt paired with white shorts is instantly dressed up. And while the outfit was simple to pair, it looks expertly executed.

5. It’s perfect for layering.

Layering a neutral or gray-colored sweater over an all-white ensemble and pairing it with booties makes it so easy to tie together a feminine, fall look. Plus, light layering is great for all us Southern women when the nights are cool but the days are hot.

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6. If Coco did it, we can do it, too.

Although she isn’t one of Instagram’s most influential, if she was around today, she definitely would be. Coco Chanel has been adored for generations for her feminine and classic style. And part of that style included wearing white year round, AKA standing out and setting the tone pretty early on for all of us 21st-century women.

Will you keep wearing white well into winter? Let us know by tagging us in all of your fashionable Instagram pictures @inregister, or tell us in the comments down below!