Photos by Collin Richie.

Globally influenced fried chicken dishes around Baton Rouge

In Louisiana, we grew up on buckets of drumsticks and wings. But as the American staple has spread around the world, countries have reinterpreted fried chicken with local ingredients, seasonings and frying techniques. Today, fried chicken is a language every country speaks—and these worldly flavors and styles are being adapted in restaurant kitchens across Baton Rouge, too.

Asian street-food restaurant Chow Yum is no stranger to putting an Asian spin on traditional, beloved Southern dishes. And fried chicken is often the centerpiece.

Chow Yum’s Hot Honey Chicken Bao

In the Hot Honey Chicken Bao, crispy fried chicken tenders are dunked in a smoked ghost-pepper hot-honey glaze and nestled inside fluffy bao buns. They’re dressed with house-made boursin cheese, tangy pickled onions and crack crunch.

The Bombay Chicken is plated with morsels of crisply fried tender chicken thigh and skin tossed in a wok with curry oil, spices, jalapenos and garlic. A drizzle of cilantro lime crema helps quell the heat.

Chow Yum’s Bombay Chicken

“Like all of our dishes, we love to play around with lots of flavor elements and give guests something they’re familiar with but have never properly had,” Chow Yum owner and chef Jordan Ramirez says. “People around here love spice and flavor, and both of these dishes offer that in their own unique way.”

Go on a culinary adventure with globally influenced dishes

Chicken Katsu at Ichiban

5741 Essen Lane

In this Japanese-inspired dish, chicken breast is breaded in a panko crust, deep fried until crispy and served with tonkatsu sauce.

Sesame Chicken at Cheng’s Restaurant and Bar

7951 One Calais Ave., #3403

Chinese-style, deep-fried, lightly breaded chicken thighs are stir-fried in a tangy sesame sauce and served with broccoli.

Tap 65 Chicken Sandwich at Tap 65

515 Mouton St., Suite 103

Indian-inspired, marinated fried chicken breast is topped with tikka masala sauce, masala onions and cilantro-yogurt chutney and served with peri-peri fries.

Charcoal Chicken at Brasas Peru

7520 Perkins Road

Peruvian-style charcoal chicken isn’t fried, but the open-flame-roasted, smoky chicken does share the crispy skin, flavorful meat and savory seasoning of its fried relatives.

Chicken Tempura Sushi Roll at Sushi Village

10404 Coursey Blvd.

Crispy bits of chicken tempura are wrapped in a sushi roll at this Japanese restaurant.

Tropical Wings at Jamaican Vibes Cuisine

1082 West Lee Drive

Jamaican-style, tropical flavored wings taste even better on Wild Wednesdays, which include $1 wings and $10.99 jerk chicken entrees specials.

This article was originally published in the March 2024 issue of 225 magazine.