Coffee Joy's Lavender Chai and The Amethyst. Photo by Ariana Allison.

Seven Baton Rouge coffee and tea shops with floral-flavored beverages for springtime

This time of year, fresh flowers take over our natural surroundings by sprouting in gardens and blooming on the roadside. But flowers are also dominating local drink menus, giving a springtime taste to teas and lattes.

That’s right. Baton Rougeans can do more than just smell the roses, lavender sprigs and hibiscus flowers this spring. By adding blossom-inspired syrups, coffee and tea drinkers can sip on these floral flavors, too. Baton Rouge’s creative baristas have been experimenting to create unique seasonal drinks that pack a petal-filled punch. These flavors not only complement espresso’s bitter notes but can also have hidden health benefits. And, of course, the floral tastes pair well with the time of the season.

We’ve pored over limited menus and seasonal offerings from coffee and tea spots around town and found a bouquet’s worth of drinks that contain flower-forward flavors.

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Lavender Chai and The Amethyst from Coffee Joy 

3617 Perkins Road, #1B

The Amethyst from Coffee Joy. Photo by Ariana Allison.

Fragrant lavender is all over the seasonal menu at Coffee Joy, with two out of the three springtime drinks including the purple-hued syrup. Try the Lavender Chai, a tea latte with spicy tones sweetened by the addition of lavender. Or, if coffee is more your style, go for The Amethyst, a latte that combines white chocolate and lavender flavors for both sugary and floral notes. Coffee Joy also offers rose- and violet-flavored syrups that can be added to any drink for a fresh and springy twist on coffee shop classics.

Hummingbird Latte from Light House Coffee

257 Lee Drive

Hummingbird Latte. Courtesy Light House Coffee

Light House Coffee’s flower-filled seasonal drink is anything but for the birds. The Hummingbird Latte uses a housemade herb syrup made with lavender, thyme, rosemary and mint. The fresh syrup is added to espresso with milk before being sweetened with a touch of local honey and topped with an edible orchid flower making it almost too pretty to drink.

Honeysuckle Cold Brew and Raspberry Rose Housemade Syrup from Magpie Cafe

3205 Perkins Road

With the arrival of spring, there’s also the arrival of warmer days. Cool down with Magpie’s iced Honeysuckle Cold Brew made with housemade honeysuckle syrup, icy cold brew and a splash of crisp sparkling water for a bubbly, plant-flavored take on a classic cold brew. Along with the honeysuckle flavor, the Magpie crew has also conjured up a Raspberry Rose Housemade Syrup that can flavor any drink order this season.

Tiger Stripe Latte and Lavender Matcha from Beignet Baton Rouge

14241 Coursey Blvd., Suite B
Lavender makes yet another appearance on a seasonal drink menu at Beignet Baton Rouge. The local beignet and breakfast spot has crafted the Tiger Stripe Latte, an espresso drink with local honey and lavender flavor that’s offered hot, iced or blended. The shop also offers the Lavender Matcha for tea drinkers, a jade-hued tea latte with added lavender flavor.

Flower Power Matcha Latte and Rose Latte from City Roots Coffee Bar 

1509 Government St., A

Courtesy City Roots Coffee Bar

City Roots seems to have plucked inspiration from a fresh field for its spring drinks. The coffee bar debuted the bright green Flower Power Matcha Latte, featuring an orange blossom and vanilla matcha layered with rose-infused condensed milk and garnished with dried blooms. City Roots also offers the Rose Latte, a coffee drink with vanilla, rose sweetener and a romantic sprinkle of rose petals. The shop will drop a new spring flavor launch this weekend, as well, according its Instagram.

Wildflower & Honey Herbal Tea from SoGO Tea Bar

662 Jefferson Highway

Tea from SoGO Tea Bar. File photo

Red Stick Spice Co.’s resident tea store SoGO Tea Bar spotlights a different loose tea each month. For April, SoGO’s Tea of the Month is the Wildflower & Honey tea blend. This herbal mix packs a whole garden of Shatavari, rose petals, lavender, chrysanthemum, osmanthus, calendula, hibiscus, jasmine and honeysuckle with honey for added sweetness. These plants and petals can be steeped for a drink that soothes and contains anti-inflammatories.

The Ella and The Sarah from Brew Ha-Ha! 

711 Jefferson Highway, Suite 2A

Inspired by and named after the staff and their go-to’s, Brew Ha-Ha’s current specialty lineup ranges from dirty chai lattes to iced teas. Though the menu is not only for the springtime, the collection of drinks features some combinations that give a seasonal smack. For example, The Ella is an iced tea flavored with hibiscus syrup while The Sarah mixes white chocolate syrup with lavender.

Chains hopping on the floral trend

This spring, flower-heavy flavors are also popping up on the menus of national chains. Lavender seems to be the go-to flavor with 7 Brew, CC’s Coffee House and Starbucks all using the plant in their spring drinks.

CC’s Coffee House 

Various locations

CC’s went the sweet route by paring earthy lavender with sugary white chocolate for a flavor combination that can be added to a Mochasippi, a latte, cold foam or a cold brew.

7 Brew

5117 Essen Lane

Though lavender can be ordered in a drink at 7 Brew any time of the year, it’s a key ingredient in the Cloud 9 Matcha Latte. The tea latte is one of the spot’s Hottest Picks of the Month and features both lavender and vanilla for a balanced flavor profile.


Various locations

Megachain Starbucks went heavy on the lavender for its spring menu featuring four drinks with the purple plant. The seasonal flavor adds an oomph to the Lavender Oatmilk Latte, the Lavender Oatmilk Chill, Lavender Crème Frappuccino and the Lavender Cream Oatmilk Matcha. Lavender can also be added to the shop’s popular cold foam for a pastel layer that can elevate any drink.

This article was originally published in 225 magazines 225 Daily newsletter.