Photo by JCW Creative

My Favorite Things: Mackenzie Landry

Co-founder and COO of Matchpoint Connection, Co-owner of Supper Club, Co-owner of Momentum Commercial Real Estate

Guilty pleasure: Crying to happy news articles in the bath. Every night. No joke.

Place for lunch: Gourmet Girls and Smalls Sliders

Way to spend a Saturday morning: Pilates at Evolve. A latte at Rêve. Then back home for a pool day with my family.

TV show: I love a good documentary.

Way to spend $20: Buying lunch for a stranger eating solo

Class in high school: European history

Way to get myself moving in the morning: Music and my kids’ endless needs (that I wouldn’t change for anything)

Song on my playlist: I’m kind of embarrassed to admit my love for 2000s alternative punk, but give me all the Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte and Simple Plan.

Item in my wardrobe: Black leather jacket

Book: Currently, The Stressless Life by Vance Pitman

Hidden Talent: I can skateboard, and I can still throw a backflip.

Concert I ever attended: Incubus, just because my dad brought me

Place for a manicure/pedicure: Perkins Nails

Perfume: Amber perfume oil. You can buy it at Whole Foods for under $20.

Item in my makeup bag: Bronzer

Excuse to indulge: A solid workweek

Idea of perfect happiness: Living in a crime-free world, preferably at the beach

Talent I wish I had: Reading music or playing the piano and the guitar

Out-of-town destination: South Beach, Miami

My motto for life: Invest in your health. Give when no one is watching. Remember your blessings. Trust in God.