Photo courtesy Baton Rouge Succulent Co.

Ways to display dried florals with Baton Rouge Succulent Company

If keeping plants alive isn’t exactly your forte, don’t doom your home to faux flowers and greenery. Dried florals are a great way to add an organic element to your space without the maintenance of traditional flowers or houseplants. We got some tips from Rozlan Fransen, owner of Baton Rouge Succulent Company, on the best ways to style dried florals in your home.

The “Over the Rainbow” dried floral arrangement

“Dried florals are great in bathrooms. A lot of bathrooms don’t have windows, but you may have cute little shelves, and you want a little pop of color,” says Fransen. “Dried florals are also really good accents for little rooms that don’t have a lot of light, but you still want something natural-looking.”

Another great place for dried florals: bookshelves. Dried florals are better than real plants for bookshelves since you don’t have to worry about light exposure or making a mess with watering.

Not sure what dried florals are best for you? Consider adding pampas grass or palm fans to your arrangements.

“Pampas grass is really tall and feathery, so I love to put it in olive jars,” says Fransen. “I also really like the palm fans, which are actually dried and dyed palmetto leaves. Those are big, and you can also cut them into shape.”

Another trick is to add that organic feel to the exterior of your home with a dried floral wreath.

“Dried florals are also great for wreaths,” Fransen says. “They’re not going to die, and you can adjust per season, stick it in a box, and it’s as good as new for the next year.”