Photos by Collin Richie

Tips for sprucing up your spare room in preparation for visiting friends and family

When it comes to holiday hosting, the dinner table gets all the attention—just check out the cover of this magazine. From the tablecloth to the florals, wowing guests is the goal. But why not extend this mission beyond the dining room?

Since holiday get-togethers start long before the turkey is carved, when out-of-town family and friends make their way back to the Capital City, assembling the ideal guest space is as crucial as the silverware layout. But according to Craft Interiors design pro and hostess extraordinaire Cherith Craft, the same over-the-top attitude that works wonders on the table isn’t applicable in the guest spaces.

“I think simplicity is the best way to make guests feel comfortable,” Craft explains. “No family pictures. No clutter. You want everything to feel clean, fresh and tailored specifically to your guest.”

Here, Craft and her team assembled the ideal guest bedroom and bathroom, utilizing local sources. Tap the photos below for all of Craft’s tips.