Photo courtesy Baton Rouge Succulent Co.

Spotted: Succulent terrariums at Baton Rouge Succulent Company

Succulents add the perfect organic touch to any space. Low maintenance and beautiful, they are the ideal houseplant that can be displayed anywhere in your home, and won’t hold it against you if you forget to tend to them for a little while—especially inside a little house of their own.

This week’s Spotted item is Baton Rouge Succulent Company’s succulent terrarium. Their advice: keep your terrarium simple with a larger air plant, or make it your own little habitat with elements like driftwood, moss and crystals. Either way, it’ll give your space that calming, natural feeling. Place yours in the kitchen to bring the great outdoors into the heart of your home.

Terrariums are available at Baton Rouge Succulent Company for $85, with filled ones as shown above for $165.