Photo courtesy Circa 1857.

Spotted: Marc Charbonnet’s Candy Land-chic collection at Circa 1857

It’s no secret that designing the coziest and comeliest of New England homes for Marty McFly himself would earn any designer a round of applause here at inRegister, especially if that designer happens to situate his personal home within one of the coziest and comeliest of Louisiana small towns: St. Francisville. Named one of Architectural Digest’s “Top 100 Interior Designers” and known for his unique brand of “fierce whimsy” style, Marc Charbonnet bounces between elegance, drama and eccentricity with the same verve appreciated by Baton Rouge’s very own Circa 1857, where you can spot a collection of Charbonnet’s sweetest furniture and art items up for sale right here in the Capital City.

Admit it, we’ve all looked to Queen Frostine and Princess Lolly for style inspiration in some early stage of life, and seeing their color scheme up close and personal adds a tongue-in-cheek touch to a room unafraid to tap into that time. Add a coffee table and end tables that could have been cut from the starbursting trunks of the Lollipop Woods, plus a couch colored in candy cane pink, and you’ve got yourself a whimsical wonderland in the midcentury modern mode. For details about pricing for each piece, contact Circa 1857.