A collage style collection of Jacqueline Dee Parker's canvases available at Ann Connelly Fine Art. Photo courtesy Ann Connelly Fine Art.

Spotted: Jacqueline Dee Parker canvases at Ann Connelly Fine Art

One swift glance at a Jacqueline Dee Parker canvas and, to the ordinary eye, it may seem like a simple collage of objects, but further inspection reveals an enthralling blend of shape and color designed to interact with the imagination. The abstract collection found at Ann Connelly Fine Art features a melange of materials, such as antique literature, which come together to represent the artistic ideation behind Parker’s artwork.

Jacqueline Dee Parker canvases Lexical Ambiguity (The Poet) vintage paper, acrylic and graphite on canvas, 46 x 38.5 in., and The color of Acquittal (Go) vintage paper and acrylic on line, 46 x 38.5 in. Photo courtesy Ann Connelly Fine Art.

As a mixed-media artist and poet, Parker has amassed numerous achievements and accolades. At Ann Connelly Fine Art, the gallery’s display of Parker’s canvases captures the artistic acuity of the collection—suggesting the pieces’ possible future roles as focal points in living spaces all over town.

To discover more of Jacquline Dee Parker’s work, visit her page on Ann Connelly Fine Art’s website to take a look through the artist’s past and current collections.