Photo courtesy Fireside Antiques.

Spotted: Fireside Antiques’ cloche with intaglios

When envisioning the perfect item to place in a glass cloche, one might imagine a treasured memento, a luscious succulent or even a red rose catching the light in its delicate display. But Fireside Antiques’ pairing of an English 19th-century antique glass cloche with contemporary-era plaster intaglios is especially unique, celebrating antiquity and the art of European printmaking.

An intaglio, an object used as an early form of printmaking originating in the ancient Mediterranean and remaining popular as souvenirs throughout the world-tour craze of the 19th century, is a small stone or gemstone that has had some scene or figure engraved into its surface. By pouring ink into the recessed spaces, the negative image of the intaglio can be pressed onto fabric or paper. And while Fireside Antiques’ assortment of intaglios may not be authentically ancient, they certainly maintain a timeless appeal when displayed inside their antique glass case atop an ebonized wood base. All that’s left is to imagine you’ve gathered them during a three-month steamer excursion between Crete and Venice, and the spell will be complete.

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