Photo by Krysia Sherburne.

Soon-to-launch company focuses on décor to last a lifetime

We’ve all experienced it. The fleeting thrill of perusing the holiday decor shelves at local big-box stores only to develop an abysmal feeling in the pit of our stomachs months later as we chunk the remnants of last year’s decorations in the trash. At a time when we’re craving a bit of certainty and assurance, we want to know our investments are going toward lasting and durable products, not items that only stand up to a single season of display.

This desire for a product that could be used for many years was the brainchild behind Krysia Sherburne’s The Family Table Co., a new business launching this November focused on curating intentional and beautiful pieces from local artists and creators in the Baton Rouge community.

“I said out loud, ‘I wish there was some way I could have a collection of ethically made products and locally made products that I could feel good about buying and decorating with and keep for a long time, because I feel like that kills five birds with one stone,'” says Sherburne. 

Inspired by her family’s tradition of gathering at the dining table, The Family Table Co. strives to bring family–whatever your definition may be–together, accompanied by stunning and lasting pieces, some of which will be featured in the company’s first launch of its Tabletop Collection on November 20.

“I think the concept of the family table can be just as much about your chosen family with your roommates and the takeout that you pick up from the local restaurant,” says Sherburne. “I wanted to update that concept to bring it to where we are nowadays, spending so much more time at home. It’s nice to have that anchor in the home, to sit down to and do things that make us happy.”

For Sherburne, time at the family dinner table provides the chance to take pleasure in the art of cooking, enjoying a decadent meal and washing it down with a cup of coffee, giving everyone enough time to catch up. But the challenge of adorning the space with timeless accessories often comes with a financial dilemma: should we purchase a discounted item or invest in something more valuable that’ll be around for the next decade?

Handmade wooden dipped candle holders from Family Table Co’s collection.

“It’s the whole idea of instant gratification around picking up something seasonal, cute and cheap, but is that what I really want for my home?” asks Sherburne. “I don’t think so. We want to help you create a place in your home where stories can be shared and memories can be made, with timeless décor that you’ll be able to repurpose time and time again.”

Those anticipating the release of Sherburne’s debut collection can relish the fact that four out of the five items in this collection will come from women-owned businesses.

“We’re going to be doing some handmade wooden dipped candle holders,” says Sherburne. “The whole collection is going to be more neutral and minimal; something you can accessorize with more of your personal collection if you want to decorate in a certain way, but also something that will be beautiful by itself without being too overdone or complicated.”

The candle holders are produced by a local female solo printer who channels her focus on carpentry, something that was dear to Sherburne’s heart and her mission behind The Family Table Co.

“We’re also going to be doing some hand-dyed linen gauze table runners, which I really love because you can repurpose those in so many ways,” says Sherburne.

Photo by Annette Pontillo.

And for Sherburne, that’s the core of her mission: to provide accessories that don’t serve only one purpose, but can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Along with hand-dyed table runners, The Family Table Co. will be releasing a neutral toned wool felt garland. Additionally, Sherburne is working with a local florist to source some preserved cedar.

It smells great, looks great and it’s actual cedar, not plastic faux floral, so that’s a really nice touch,” says Sherburne. “It lasts a long time so you don’t have the waste of buying something that will only be nice for a week.”

This month’s launch of The Family Table Co.’s Tabletop Collection comes just in time for the holidays–and for gifting. “I think this is the time to be focused on the investment pieces in my home that I’m going to treasure and cherish and be happy when these are still around to give to my kids,” says Sherburne. “I’m excited to build a brand centered around this mission and vision because I think we all are pining for something that is not a fleeting experience. I’m looking forward to being able to touch people’s lives and give them, no matter if they’re in their first apartment or moving into their empty-nester home, something they can sit down with after a long day and think: this is all I’ve ever wanted.”

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