According to owner Shanna Boudreaux, she and Lexie Polito share a similar fun, eclectic style. Pictured here is Lexie's powder room, complete with gem wallpaper designed by Ashley Longshore. Photo by Mason Laferney

The funky side of local interior design inspires Rodéo Boutique’s lookbook photoshoots

Bright colors, fun patterns and eclectic style are hallmarks of Rodéo Boutique’s brand. Of course, the store’s funky vibe shines through via clothing and accessories, but its lookbook photo shoots are what truly capture the boutique’s personality. In an interesting twist, Rodéo’s photo shoots are just as much about the spectacular interior design as they are about the clothes and models. From pink closets to gemstone-wallpapered powder rooms, the shoot locations become an integral part of fully envisioning each outfit’s potential.

While many store owners might not put quite so much thought into their photo shoot backdrops, to Rodéo Boutique owner Shanna Boudreaux, finding the right location is crucial for enhancing her boutique’s brand.

“I have spent 17 years branding Rodéo to stand apart with a fun and eclectic style,” says Boudreaux. “I want every customer to feel unique and stand out, so I have to find the perfect locations to convey this to our customers and continue building my brand.”

As her boutique is a direct reflection of her own personal style, Boudreaux has a natural eye for places that fit her brand. She finds the majority of Rodéo’s photo shoot locations in and around Baton Rouge. For instance, Rodéo’s latest lookbook shoot took place at Lexie and Mike Polito’s vibrant Baton Rouge home.

“Lexie has such a fun personality and similar eclectic style,” Boudreaux says. “Their home was perfect!”

While colorful homes like the Polito abode are ideal for Rodéo lookbooks, not every photo shoot location is a posh paradise. If the design of the location isn’t as bright and eclectic as she wants it, Boudreaux always finds a way to incorporate fun accessories to reflect the brand and bring out the best in her clothes.

“I love seeing the clothes come to life and having fun” says Boudreaux. “We always treat every lookbook shoot as a party, because life is a party and we’re here to dress you for it!”

To see more shots and shop the styles of Rodéo’s lookbook photoshoots, visit its website or Instagram page.