A deep blue hue blankets paneled walls and built-in shelving in this sleek study. The X-frame desk takes its cues from classic campaign style. A white fluted cabinet interrupts the dark color scheme, while a strategically placed bar cart reminds us that there’s life after office hours. Room by Colleen Waguespack/Photo by Collin Richie.

Rock your remote setup with home workspace ideas from local designers

Whether you work from home on a regular basis even under normal circumstances or you were only recently forced to transition to a home-based headquarters, chances are you’ve discovered that having a pleasant place to carry out business tasks goes along way toward maintaining your productivity—and your peace of mind.

Designer Arianne Bellizaire suggests that a space in the home that is both private and inspiring is ideal for allowing you to focus and get the job done. “Seek out places where there is a source of natural light, and if you can, make sure that the area you’ll be working in provides a view of something that brings you joy,” Bellizaire says. “An example of this would be sitting at the dining room table facing your favorite piece of art or sitting in the breakfast nook near the window so that you can glance at your garden outside.”

With home offices on our minds these days for obvious reasons, what better time to shine the spotlight on several wow-worthy workspaces? Some are formal offices or studies, while others are simply set in the corner of a larger room. Either way, the local homeowners and designers responsible for these spaces have us wishing we could pull out our own laptops and settle in.