Photo courtesy Red Onion.

Great outdoors: Local picks for creating your own backyard oasis

The leaves may soon be fading, withering and falling from the trees, but that doesn’t mean we’re giving up on vibrant foliage this fall. In celebration of the season, we’ve gathered together a colorful ensemble of pretty plants and outdoorsy decor to keep your green spirit going strong.

That classic expression “bed of roses” may evolve into “bed of succulents” in the next few years. That’s how popular these resilient little plants have become. A fan favorite amongst any possessor of a green thumb, Baton Rouge Succulent Co. makes it extremely easy to get your mitts on them.

When conjuring up a vision of autumn, one word come to mind: color. And Louisiana Nursery knows how to pack a punch with these mums and crotons. Bask in the beauty of rich colors such as amber and copper this fall with your next garden project (and pop them in a fun, witchy planter while you’re at it).

Not even a concrete apartment walkway can keep the green away in Louisiana. Or off Louisiana. Sometimes a little doormat is all we need to remind ourselves to go outside and enjoy the weather. We can always scuff the dirt off our shoes later.

If we knew we could buy a sense of peace, friendship and wisdom for just $33, we would have stocked up on olive trees a long time ago! That trifecta still stands in these latter days of 2020, tied up in a bow and ideal for a backyard courtyard or as a dainty front-door sentry.

Last, no Southern garden—or patch of green, whatever you’ve got!—is complete without a place to sit and survey it all with a cup of tea in hand. Porch swings large enough to rock us to sleep like big autumn-loving babies? Extra bonus points.

What’s your favorite find for your backyard? Share in the comments below.