Kristina Petit. Photos courtesy Kristina Petit.

The secret to picking the perfect backsplash with designer Kristina Petit

Like paint color and cabinetry, backsplash design is yet another integral decision to be made in the kitchen. But where do you start? And how do you select an option that will look great while still speaking to your personality and creativity? To discover just that, we spoke to local designer Kristina Petit of Kristina’s Collective Interiors for advice for picking the ideal backsplash.

“There are so many details to choose when designing a kitchen that the choices can be overwhelming,” says Petit. “Fortunately, if you choose a few things in chronological order, some of these choices can be easier. I prefer to choose the countertops before choosing a backsplash.”

Once countertops have been chosen, Petit looks straight to that stone to determine what backsplash look will be the perfect complement.

“Some people love the movement in certain slabs of stone that then lend themselves to a more solid backsplash,” Petit explains. “I find it helpful to think of whether an element has a pattern or not, and to ensure that you don’t have too many patterns in one area, just like you would with an outfit. You wouldn’t wear stripes with polka dots, and the same rules apply here.”

But limiting patterns does not mean compromising excitement and visual interest. For instance, when working with a busier countertop, Petit suggests laying solid backsplash in a herringbone pattern or incorporating a colored tile of a single hue to create an alluring yet harmonious look.

In a similar way, more simplistic countertops can allow for a more substantial pattern in the backsplash.

“If you are partial to a less busy countertop, like a white quartz or something with very subtle marbling, you can do a little more pattern in your backsplash like in this new construction home I designed with AP Dodson in Cypress Lakes Subdivision,” Petit says. “I chose a pure white quartz, so I was able to use a more marbled backsplash and create interest that way.”

“Whatever you choose I suggest choosing all your items and looking at them together to ensure that they look great together,” Petit says. “This includes samples of all items and paint colors. This way you get a taste of what your space will look like.”

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