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Spotted: Oyster-themed gifts from Maison Greige

From raw to Rockefeller, the iconic Southern delicacy of oysters on the half shell can be plated up in a variety of delicious forms. And while these briny bivalves can be a rather polarizing dish, oyster enthusiasts and critics alike can certainly agree that the perfectly imperfect oyster shells make for fabulous home décor. For the oyster obsessed, Maison Greige stocks a wide variety of oyster-accented items, from handpainted shells to charming tea towels.


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The print is a custom item priced at $129. The handmade Oyster Blessing Beads are $62. The Oyster Tea Towels come in two colors—grey and blue—and are $18. Lastly, the Oyster Mug is priced at $23. You can shop these saltwater gifts for yourself or for friends, both online and in stores.