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Outdoor upgrades to enhance your socially distanced summer

You’ve heard it countless times from leaders locally and globally: we have a long journey back to the way life was before COVID-19. Reopening is just the first of many steps over many months. Unfortunately, that means summer plans aren’t necessarily going to continue as planned. However, as we have mentioned in the past, we are committed to finding the positives. In this situation, we’ve come up with several.

From tropical-themed dining to a good old-fashioned waterslide, creativity is king this summer. However, we’re taking it a step further by eliminating the DIY element and calling in the professionals.

“It’s not too late to get started on a project for this summer,” explains Pinnacle Exterior Construction co-owner Ryan Martino. “There are lots of options for adding an outdoor space that you and your family can utilize and that will add appeal and value to your home.”

We know what you’re thinking. Surely it’s past the time to dig a pool in your backyard for use this summer. Wrong. According to Martino, the timeline for a pool can be as little as five weeks. You read that right. Just over a month.

“We self-perform all phases so we have more freedom and flexibility with scheduling,” he explains. “Since we don’t sub-contract out, we can get pools done faster without sacrificing quality.”

A tanning ledge and water features complete the look of this pool.

That means you can skip your trip to Target for a temporary swimming fix and still indulge your need for instant gratification. And in addition to drastically changing construction duration, the modern age of pool building has also called into existence some pretty cool pool upgrades.

“One of my favorites is a tanning ledge,” explains Martino of the extended steps which feature just 6 to 8 inches of water. “They’re great for kids and for adults to have chairs in a comfortable amount of water without being completely in the pool.”

Martino says he’s also seen an increased interest in things like multi-colored LED lights, which allow for the transformation of the pool from day to night.

“I’ve even seen ones that have the capability to do a light show to make the inside of the pool look like the Northern Lights,” he notes. “We haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I can’t wait to.”

“Outdoor kitchens are super popular. You can add everything from a fireplace to a bathroom and so much more. They offer almost as many amenities as the house itself,” explains Martino.

However, if a pool isn’t your interest–or you already have one–there are other ways to make a big impact in the backyard. Something as simple as changing out your fence or adding a pergola with seating can immediately change your impression of a space. And after months in the same house, we can attest that even the smallest alteration can feel much larger.

“We’ve actually seen calls and messages explode over the past few months,” says Martino. “People still want to get outside and enjoy their spaces this summer.”

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