Photo courtesy Circa 1857.

Spotted: Midcentury modern dining table at Circa 1857

The term “modernism” has taken on multiple meanings in the design world with each passing decade, but to understand the true essence of the style, we’re looking back to the beginning of it all in the sleek and sophisticated lines of midcentury modern design. With functionality and natural materials serving as the leading principles behind the movement, a family-size dining table dominated by wooden elements—like this one found at Circa 1857—embodies the midcentury modern “look” of the ’50s and ’60s while creating a design that transcends time.

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Whether you’re dining at the table over a full-course meal or a round of cocktails, this piece of vintage furniture takes us back to a time when words like “terrazzo” appeared in common speech and wood paneling cozied up any living area. The table can be purchased for $900.