Photo copyright Kenneth Brown

From the May issue: Modern marvels

This month’s homes-themed issue of inRegister features a three-part cover feature about contemporary homes in Baton Rouge, all of which stand out for their twist on the traditional and seamless collaborations between owner and designer.

Jason Guerin’s sleek-lined abode, for example, uses color and finish to bypass the stereotype of bare modern architecture. From the custom-built motorcycle he leaves parked on his living room’s pristine tile to the near seamless transition between indoor and outdoor spaces, Guerin’s home—designed with the help of architect Mike Sullivan, interior designer Kenneth Brown, and builder Tom Guerin, Jason’s father—abolishes the coldness often associated with contemporary design.

“It gives a warm modern look instead of the sterile modern that people expect,” Kenneth says of features like reclaimed barn wood in the powder room and artificial grass that breaks up the starkness of the white exterior.

Anthony and Katherine Bonfiglio’s Old Goodwood home also stands out among the more traditional cottages of its neighborhood. A simple but functional design ensures that no space feels too boxy, instead allowing plenty of room for the small family to grow.

“Unlike some traditional styles, modern is geared to a liveable, comfortable experience,” says Dwayne Carruth, architect and owner of The Front Door Design Studio, who designed the home with the help of Monochrome Furniture & Design owner Carol LaCour.

Last, Tricia Day and Joe Simmons offer up their modern oasis tucked into a forest of bamboo. Energy efficient and filled with less clutter and more natural light, the home serves as an example for a resource-conscious future.

“It still feels Southern, but with a contemporary slant,” says architect Lionel Bailey, who worked on the house with contractor Rick Vinyard and construction supervisor Brian Barger.

To see more photos and learn more about these collaborations, check out “Life in the Fast Lane,” “Out of the Box” and “Wising Up” in our May issue, available on newsstands now.