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Pointe-Marie, Baton Rouge

Over the past few weeks, we’ve told you that Pointe-Marie is a new village, celebrating the tradition of memorable small towns and villages across Louisiana and America. We’ve explained how our village is a continuation of the planning, design, development and presentation traditions that began in the Town of Seaside, Florida, with help from some who shaped that celebrated new town since the 1980’s. By now, you realize that this is not your typical real estate development. You recognize how attention to detail can still make a difference when you see our homes, streets, sidewalks, gardens, civic structures, amenities, gathering spaces, entertainment venues, parks and preserves.


—We now have 26 homes completed, sold and occupied by Pointe-Marie residents
—An additional 14 homes are now under construction in the village
—4 more homes have completed the design process and will be starting soon
—Our Village Center pool is under construction with completion date of January of 2021
—Pointe-Marie Square’s one-of-kind civic structures, entertainment venues, pop-up retail and gathering spaces have become an engaging center offering food, events, festivals, activities and programming
—Our Dog Park is open and a real hit with our resident pups
—The Playground is up, open and beautiful
—Our Community Garden continues to flourish, providing fresh vegetables for our residents and their guests for the past 2 + years

Drop by and take a look. We know you will like what you see.


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For more information on homes and lots available contact us or stop by Pointe-Marie’s on-site Discovery Center (Located at 14200 River Road, just west of L’Auberge Casino.
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