This Spanish Town home was built more than 100 years ago, when front-porch sitting was a way to stay cool in the evenings. Today this porch is a hub of neighborhood socializing. Photo by Melissa Oivanki.

Perfect porches for summertime sitting

Summer in the city can mean a lot of inconveniences for Baton Rouge residents. Sweating, sunscreen and the search for indoor air conditioning are just a few. But that’s not always fair, especially when so many people around the world might envy the blessing of rain and sunshine, the abundance of wildlife, and a time to share food and company with friends and neighbors. Thus enters one of the staples of Southern home living: the porch. Whether in the front, the back or all around the walls of a house, a covered porch serves not just as a gathering place for families year round, but also as a perfect place to display an easygoing style and some humidity-loving plants for an oasis apart from the main living space. Over the years, inRegister has showcased several local homes featuring this must-have addition, whether they be decked out in nautical themes or blending in to their natural surroundings. For some inspiration of your own, check out this gallery of some of our favorite porches below.