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Let there be light: Illuminating ideas on how to brighten up a space

Lighting is the unsung hero of interior design. Contributing greatly to the feel and function of a room, the overhead fixtures and accent lamps that fill a space often create a major impact. However, the search for the perfect fixtures and bulbs can be a frustrating process. For a few helpful tips, we reached out to Mary Margaret Singer of Lamps and Lighting.

“Think about how you use the room,” Singer says.Think about the way you want it to feel.”

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Do you want the room to feel warm and intimate or bright and airy? Is the space more feminine or masculine? Once you have determined the use and style of the room, the next step is measuring the ceiling and size of the room. That’s because the biggest mistake people make when deciding on lighting is scale, Singer says. It’s crucial to pay attention to size, and the best way to do this is by shopping local and working with experts. With ceiling and room measurements, a lighting professional can assist in deciding the perfect lighting size, she says. 

“Pictures are deceiving, so online shopping is tricky,” Singer says.By consulting an expert, someone that understands scale and function, you have a recipe for successful lighting.”

Before heading to the store, however, Singer recommends picking out a few inspirational pictures of the desired lighting styles. This will help guide the decision-making process and your overall style.

A modern lantern or antique sconce can tie a room together, but it’s important to remember how its light will alter the room. Floor lamps are having a moment in the sun, as well as colorful lampshades,” she says.

When selecting decorative lighting, choose what you love, but add dimmers if your budget allows. While gold will never go out of style, a hot trend in the lighting world is matte black, Singer says. 

Though lighting is important to a space, it does not have to be rocket science. Figure out what suits your style and the room best, find your measurements, and let an expert be your guiding light.

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