Photo by Melissa Oivanki

From the January issue: Designing the Uter family home

Buying a new home is already daunting enough, but when the Uter family decided that their growing family was too big for their current space, they took on a challenge even more stressful—building a home from the ground up.

When Ashley and Brennan Uter first decided to buy an empty lot in a new, one-street development, their first comforting thought came from the assurance that they would still be in the same area as their old home. But after that, they had to get down to business. Working with architect Mark Matthews in the Greek Revival style and kitchen designer Richard Ourso for the perfect space to cook big family meals, the Uters embarked on a design odyssey that included combining personal style and professional elegance through interior designer Holly Harrison.

To find out more about the massive collaboration that became the Uter family’s beautiful custom home, check out our article from the January issue, which is also available on newsstands now.