Mansions in the Park apartment clubhouse designed by The Design Studio. Photo courtesy The Design Studio.

Easy ways to incorporate a St. Patrick’s Day-inspired hue in your home all year long

Easy on the eyes and calming, the color green can evoke feelings of growth, harmony and safety when added to your interior spaces. Used correctly, the color green can be strategically implemented in any room and in accordance with any aesthetic.

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day, we are bringing the traditional green of the patron saint of Ireland into our weekly discussion of interior design. While green is one of the most prominent colors in nature, many are hesitant to embrace it in the home. In order to discover the beauty of green in design, we reached out to Lisa Girouard, residential design director at the The Design Studio, for her recommendations on how to make green look great.

“We recently designed fern green velvet draperies for a current project’s dining room,” says Girouard. “Those grounded the space, which then gave way for us to do small hints of that same natural green in the client’s accent pillows adjacent to the space.”

Adding the first green element is a gateway to adding touches of green throughout the home. Sometimes, accents can speak loudly enough to make a statement. You certainly do not have to paint your entire room green in order to gain the energy and balance of a green hue.

And, of course, one of the easiest and most natural ways to add a pop of green is with live greenery. Hanging flower pots, green walls and potted plants are all ways to get creative when adding greenery into any room of the house.

“We believe you can never go wrong with bringing natural elements of textures and shades of green inside the home,” says Girouard. “Our team also always incorporates some sort of living plant within our project. When introducing live plants in a space, there is an instant mood-booster and sense of life brought to the space.”

Plus, the addition of greenery in a space does so much more than liven up a room—even though that is one benefit that cannot be understated. Plants can have positive psychological and cognitive effects, as well as improve air quality. While the color green already represents peace in itself, the presence of green plants continue to bring serenity and completely transform the feel of a room.