The Simple Living team. Photo by Sarah Ward.

How to organize for a worry-free move

Packing up all of your things and moving to a new location can seem like an overwhelming and daunting task—and rightfully so. You may not even know where to begin, especially since moving down the street or across the country comes with slightly different concerns. Since Baton Rouge-based Simple Living offers a full relocation service along with numerous other concierge services, we spoke to the company’s owner, Bri Boudreaux, to discover her best tips to prepare for a big move.

“Our main advice for people preparing to move is to declutter,” says Boudreaux. “You don’t want to move something you don’t need to your brand-new house, so we always encourage people to declutter as much as they can before the real packing begins.”

Besides cutting down on the amount you have to pack and unpack, Boudreaux notes that by first decluttering, you will save money on boxes, which can become expensive.


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Boudreaux and her team can take on decluttering and packing at the same time. “We will start in a guest bedroom—somewhere farthest away from the kitchen or living space where there are items they still need to use on a daily basis—and pack everything in that room. Then we’ll move to a place like the kids’ toy room and declutter that area to pack up what they don’t necessarily need at the moment,” says Boudreaux.

After decluttering, you want to make sure you are strategically packing your boxes to make unpacking easier.

“As you’re packing, pack like you’re organizing,” advises Boudreaux. “Pack like items with like. So if you’re in your master closet, for example, pack all of your scarves, hats and accessories together.”

Once the boxes are packed and sealed, you can’t exactly tell what’s inside. That’s why Boudreaux and her team are all about labeling. The side of each box is marked with the room those items came from.

“We will label them so that way when the movers are moving all of those boxes into your house, you can direct them,” says Boudreaux.”It’s really easy when the pantry boxes are by the pantry and the laundry boxes are in the laundry room. It just makes it more organized and less stressful.”

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