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How a professional organizer creates a functional kitchen space

Chaos Organizing Founder and CEO, Martha-Carol Stewart. Photo by Hoppe Images.

Louisianians know the kitchen is much more than a room for cooking. Kitchens are social spaces that house cherished memories, relationships and recipes. What comes with that, however, can be a lot of clutter.

We spoke with Martha-Carol Stewart, founder and CEO of Chaos Organizing, for tips and tricks on how to keep an organized kitchen. Read what she has to say about “the heart of the southern home” down below.

Eight Quick Tips for an Organized Kitchen

  1. Zone your kitchen into working areas: Prep, cook and serve.

  2. Treat your refrigerator like any other cabinet in your home. Use bins to contain common food categories.

  3. Use clear bins in your pantry so that you can easily see what needs restocking.

  4. If you have children, put “approved” snacks in a basket or bin where they can reach them.

  5. Your kitchen is prime real estate. Items that are used once a year should not be stored there.

  6. Self risers help you store more in a cabinet. Think vertical!

  7. Clear counters give you more prep room (and more peace). So utilize your drawer space efficiently.

  8. Labeling is important so that everyone knows where everything belongs. It’s also a great reading skill for young children.

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